School Behavior Expectations

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The team at David W. Long Elementary is dedicated to working with families to foster a school climate that promotes collaboration in the development of a positive climate for our students. By structuring such a climate, our students will develop the necessary academic and social skills to contribute to our classrooms and society. The staff at David W. Long is committed to providing each child a superior education by engaging instruction and challenging learning experiences in a safe environment which encourages students to think logically, to learn cooperatively and independently, to respect and value diversity, and to develop a lifelong desire for learning that continues beyond the classroom walls. In order to ensure that all students are able to develop the skills necessary to be successful, the staff in collaboration with parents and students has developed school-wide expectations as a guide of how we expect our Rangers to behave while they are at school. To ensure the development of a positive, safe learning environment for all students, those who do not meet the behavioral expectations outlined in our plan may be subject to disciplinary action.

Students are required to meet four main expectations at all times. All other expectations are developed based on the four school-wide expectations listed below:

1.Be Respectful

2.Be Responsible

3.Be Cooperative

4.Be Safe

Safety Expectations:

1.For their own safety, students may only be on campus when adult supervision is provided. For this reason, students may not be on campus before 7:55 a.m. If you need to drop your child off prior to 7:55, please contact our Child Care Coordinator. There should be no running or playing in front of the school while they are waiting.

2.Students who ride their bikes to school must provide their own lock to lock up their bike during school hours. The school and Etiwanda School District will not assume any responsibility for any theft or damage to anything left in that area. Bikes must be walked at all times on all parts of the campus including the sidewalk of the front traffic loop. Students are required by law to wear helmets while riding their bicycles. Students must adhere to all Bicycle Safety Rules and Vehicle Code Rules or they may lose the privilege of riding a bike to school. Skateboards, roller skates, roller blades and scooters may not be used on campus.

3.Behavior that may cause harm or injury to other students will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in a serious manner, which may include suspension from school. Such behavior includes fighting, rock throwing, pushing/shoving, hitting, kicking, and other similar harmful behaviors.

4.Playground games such as football, “play fighting”, tag, etc., which could cause the risk of injury are not allowed at any time. Unsafe use of the playground equipment is not allowed. Students shall follow school determined rules for all games. Students will care and use all equipment properly.

5.Students must remain in assigned areas where proper supervision is provided. When students arrive they will enter campus through the cafeteria. Only students will be allowed to enter campus through the cafeteria. At 7:55, students will be allowed to proceed onto campus and should hang up their backpacks and proceed directly to the playground. At recess, students may not be in the hallways, behind the classrooms, or out in the corners of the field. Failure to remain in the designated areas will result in consequences.

6.Running or playing in the hallways, restrooms, or hard courts is unsafe and not allowed.

7.When the bell rings, students will:

a.Freeze- get off equipment, hold playground balls, and kneel quietly.

b.Wait for a teacher/proctor to blow the whistle.

c.Walk to their assigned line returning all equipment to the ball carts on the way.

d.Sit quietly in their line, keeping their hands to themselves, and wait for their teacher to arrive.

8.During dismissal, students who are being picked up will wait calmly on the sidewalk of the traffic loop. Students who are walking home will use all crosswalks and begin walking home immediately. Playing or running in the grass area in front of the school during high traffic times is not safe and is not allowed.

Respectful and Responsible Behavior

1.People, including other students, are to be treated with respect. Rudeness or defiance of authority of any adult on staff will not be tolerated.

2.Students are expected to take pride in their school by being responsible for cleaning up after themselves and putting all trash in the proper containers while in their classrooms, the cafeteria, the playground, and the restrooms.

3.Gum chewing is not allowed. Students may eat healthy snacks at recess only under the shade structure. Glass containers, soda, and candy are not allowed on the playground. Students are not allowed to share food with their peers due to the high risk of allergies that other students may have.

4.Profanity and obscene gestures are never allowed and may result in serious consequences.

5.Articles of value such as cell phones, video games, playing cards, fidget spinners, and other toys should not be brought to school as they are a distraction to the learning environment. The school will not be responsible for items that go missing. If a student finds an item of value, it should be turned into the Lost and Found cart in the MPR.

6.Restrooms are to be used for their intended purpose only; playing in the restrooms is not permitted.

7.Name calling, teasing, or being rude to fellow students will not be tolerated.

8.Students may not bring playground equipment from home. The school supplies playground equipment to be used during recess and PE.

9.Students are to respect school property and the property of others. Misuse or vandalism may result in the natural consequence of repairing or replacing the damage.

10.Students are expected to support the proper environment for learning by following classroom expectations and procedures as set forth by the teacher.

Cafeteria Expectations

During lunch or while the students are in the MPR, students will:

1.Be respectful and cooperative while waiting in the lunch line. Behaving inappropriately may result in being moved to the back of the line.

2.Sit in the assigned location as directed by staff and remain seated until a proctor has dismissed the table and the table is clean.

3.Use good manners and use inside voices.

4.Eat their own lunch and do not play with or throw food.

5.Clean up any messes or spills that they have caused. Help those around them clean up.

6.Throw away any left over lunch trash in the trash cans after they have been dismissed by the proctor.

7.Walk in the MPR.

8.Follow dismissal procedures as directed by the proctors.

Playground Rules

While at snack recess and lunch recess, students will:

1.Be aware of their space and keep their hands and feet to themselves.

2.Be kind to others by using kind words and being a friend to others.

3.Listen to the proctors and follow directions the first time they are given.

4.Play games in the appropriate area abiding by the school developed rules while taking turns and including others that want to play.

5.Have good sportsmanship while playing.

6.Stay within the designated playground boundaries (stay away from the classrooms on the hard courts and away from the fences on the field).

7.Eat snacks in the designated area under the shade structure and throw away trash in the trash cans.

8.Freeze when the bells rings and kneel until the whistle blows. Walk safely to return equipment to the ball carts and line up.

9.Sit and wait for their teacher keeping hands and feet to themselves.

*Playground balls will be provided by the school, students may not bring balls or other toys from home to play with.

Positive Behavior Recognition

At DW Long, we establish positive supports to promote a learning environment that allows all students to learn in an atmosphere that values education. Students who demonstrate respectful, responsible, cooperative, and safe citizenship by meeting our classroom and school-wide expectations will be recognized in a variety of ways:

Citizenship grades on report cards

Ranger of the Month Awards

Rockin’ Ranger bucks

Gotcha Tickets (positive phone calls home)

Other forms of recognition both in the classroom and around campus.

Disciplinary Consequences-Suspensions/Expulsions

The main objective of our Student Behavior Expectations policy is to teach students to manage their own behavior and learn to interact in a way that promotes a positive school climate. When a problem arises we begin a process of reviewing expectations, administering a consequence, and alerting parents if the problem continues. We are committed to an intervention-based approach, attempting other means of correction prior to suspension from school.

If a student engages in negative behaviors that violate our four main expectations, they will be dealt with in a variety of ways depending on the severity of the misbehavior, its impact on others, and the number of times the misbehavior has occurred. These consequences may include: removal from the game/activity, time out, loss of recess privilege, detention, and if warranted, suspension. In severe cases, the student may be recommended for expulsion. Students may be issued an office referral or fill out a “Think Sheet” and parents will be notified if deemed necessary by the teacher and/or the administrator. Acts considered major defiance will not be tolerated and may result in immediate suspension of the student from school. Listed on the following are suspendable offenses per the California Education Code.

The following are serious offenses according to state law and Education Code Sections 48900:

(a)(1)Caused/Attempted/threatened physical injury or

(2)Willfully used force/violence, except in self defense

(b)Possessed/sold/furnished weapon/dangerous object

(c)Possessed/used/sold/furnished under influence of controlled substance/alcohol/intoxicant

(d)Offered/arranged/negotiated sales of controlled substance/alcohol/intoxicant and provided look-alike substance

(e)Committed/attempted robbery or extortion

(f)Caused/attempted damage to school/private property

(g)Stole/attempted to steal school or private property

(h)Possessed/used tobacco/tobacco products/nicotine products

(i)Committed obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity/vulgarity

(j)Possessed/offered/negotiated sale of drug paraphernalia

(k)Disrupted school activities or defied school personnel

(l)Knowingly received stolen school/private property

(m)Possessed imitation firearm

(n)Committed/attempted sexual assault or committed sexual battery

(o)Harassed/threatened/intimidated a student witness involved in a school disciplinary proceeding

(.2) Committed sexual harassment (Grades 4-12)

(.3) Caused/attempted/threatened/participated in act of hate violence (Grades 4-12)

(.4) Intentionally harassed/threatened/intimidated students or staff (Grades 4-12)

(.7) Make terrorist threats against school staff/property (All grades)

(p)Offered/arranged/negotiated sale of prescription drug Soma

(q)Engaged in or attempted to engage in hazing as defined in Education Code Section 32050

(r)Engaged in an act of bullying as defined in Education Code 48900.2-48900.4

(s)Aided/abetted infliction/attempted infliction of physical injury (generally, suspension but not expulsion is permitted)

The following are serious offenses according to state law and Education Code Sections 48915A:

(1)Caused serious physical injury, except in self defense

(2)Possessed knife/dangerous objects

(3)Possessed controlled substance, except first offense possession of one ounce or less of marijuana

(4)Committed robbery/extortion

(5)Committed assault/battery upon school employee

The following are serious offenses according to state law and Education Code Sections 48915C:

(1)Possessed/sold/furnished firearm

(2)Brandished knife at another person

(3)Sold controlled substance

(4)Committed/attempted sexual assault or committed sexual battery

(5)Possessed explosive

We believe that your support is a key component in ensuring that David W. Long Elementary is a safe place where students “Learn Today to Lead Tomorrow.” Supporting the school during a discipline matter is one of the most important elements in teaching your child to manage his/her own behavior. We greatly appreciate your support at home and want to work with you to assure your student’s success.